Saline River Rocky

DOB: 04-09-2009
Boogie’s Stupid X Saline River Little Ruby

Rocky is a very good squirrel dog that hunts with you. He’s very intelligent and easy handling. He’s a very good and loud tree dog. Rocky has some of the best Laika blood found in North America flowing in his veins. He is a grand-pup of old Rockytop Chekov on the top and a great grand-pup of Rockytop Chekov on the bottom. He also has Grizz’s blood on his dam’s side. He has sired twelve litters of pups so far and they are good looking pups. Rocky has sired a lot of very good squirrel dogs. Rocky’s youngest pup to tree a squirrel in the wild was twelve weeks of age. I was told a few weeks ago that money couldn’t buy her!!! Rocky treed his first squirrel at five months old. This line of dogs starts treeing at an early age. Rocky crosses well on different females!! Rocky is available for stud by private treaty.