Lookin’ Up Siberia


DOB: May 5, 2013
Saline River Grizz X Camp Creek Nikki

Lookin’ Up Siberia(kennel name Si) is a very good 3 year old male that we have added to our kennel. Si is from the Saline River Grizz X Camp Creek Nikki female. Grizz is one of the best reproducing WSL studs in North America. Grizz has sired over 112 pups. Camp Creek Nikki was one of the females that I imported from Kazakhstan in 2006. Si started treeing squirrels at a very young age(normal for WSL pups). He is a very fast and hard hunter. He loves to road hunt! Si was hunted and trained in north Arkansas by my very good friend Don Cranford.

Si has sired one litter of pups so far. These pups are pretty young but they are doing well on their hunting.